ASL Classes

We are excited to offer the following options for ASL classes:

Classes start the first week of January!

Caucasian mother and daughter smiling at camera, daughter is mid-sign.

ASL Classes

We offer ASL 1 and ASL 2 classes taught by Timothy Skaggs, a Deaf user of American Sign Language.

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ASL for Healthcare Workers

Taught by Britny Bensman, LPN, founder of DeafMed.

Corporate and Private Classes

Let us provide one of our ASL classes to your employees, healthcare providers, or family members.

The Instructors

Timothy Skaggs

Timothy is profoundly Deaf and was mainstreamed throughout school with limited access to language. He attended Gallaudet University where he majored in Psychology and discovered the richness and culture of ASL and the Deaf community.

He has taught American Sign Language at a number of universities as well as community classes. His hobbies include photography, hiking, watching stand-up comedy, and creating art.

Timothy teaches our general ASL classes.

Britny Bensman, LPN

Britny is one of only a handful of Deaf LPNs in the country and has been working in the medical field since 2014. She is the founder of DeafMed, an organization she created to inspire more Deaf/Hard of Hearing people to join the healthcare and medical fields. She is a graduate from Gallaudet University, where she majored in Biology.

She is excited to be teaching ASL to healthcare workers. She was a Gold Medalist for the 21 and Under World Championship USA team in Poland, and has won numerous player and coaching awards throughout her athletic career.

Britny teaches our ASL for Healthcare Workers class.

Classes start the third week of September!

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