Sign Language Interpreting

Experienced their service many times over the years every time was perfect experience the staff provided high quality service every interaction we had. -Rose, Deaf consumer

We provide a variety of interpreting services, such as:

Ben Hall is interpreting next to Dr. I. King Jordan.

High Profile Interpreting

We provide professional, highly skilled interpreters who have extensive experience working in highly visible events. We ensure that your Deaf presenters/attendees have the same experience as hearing presenters/attendees.

Elisabeth stands in front of a room near a presenter interpreting next to a table of snacks.

Community/Technical Interpreting

We provide quality interpreting services to a wide variety of agencies who have very specialized jargon. Our team is familiar with a wide range of professional fields and terminology.

I've always been pleased with Hallenross. Ive never been disappointed with their services as they always have been professional and provide excellent interpreting services in a professional setting. -Julie, Deaf consumer
Elisabeth stands off to the right, under a "2019 YLF" banner, interpreting for a presenter.

Conference Interpreting

We provide interpreting services for professional events such as large conferences and seminars. Our team has extensive experience with addressing and meeting the needs of attendees at business conventions.

Katie Vance, SC:L stands in a courtroom in front of a judge.

Legal Interpreting

Our interpreters are the most sought after for legal interpreting assignments due to both our Founder and Senior Partner holding the Special Certificate: Legal from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. We also employ the largest number of Supreme Court of Ohio Rostered and Certified Interpreters in the state.

"I had court this morning and they had an interpreter there for me this morning her name was Grace. (...) She's great and she made sure I knew everything that everyone was saying not only to me but also let me know what was discussed between everyone involved in the meeting I definitely recommend her to anyone. "-John, Deaf consumer

And more!

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