About Us

Our Mission

We strive to provide superior interpretation services preferred by individuals needing sign language/English interpretation; to maintain excellent business partnerships with those who contract our services; and to be the employer and professional development provider of choice for American Sign Language interpreters.

I've always been pleased with Hallenross. Ive never been disappointed with their services as they always have been professional and provide excellent interpreting services in a professional setting.
-Julie, Deaf consumer

Our Foundation

Founded in 2003 by Linda Ross, Hallenross & Associates, LLC provides qualified and nationally certified sign language interpreters for businesses, courts, education and other events in Central Ohio and statewide. Our highly qualified interpreters have professional training and experience to provide effective communication with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals using American Sign Language or other forms of English-based signing. All of the staff at Hallenross either hold national certification or are in the process of becoming nationally certified. There are four interpreters in Central Ohio who hold the Specialist Certificate: Legal (SC:L), the preferred qualification for legal interpreters. Hallenross employs two of them full-time and one as an independent contractor.

Our Values

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Community Collaboration

Our Beliefs

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