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Excellence in Interpreting since 2003

Saying it like YOU mean it!

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The Hallenross Promise

We are the most respected name in quality American Sign Language interpreting services in the Greater Columbus Area. 

Saying it like YOU mean it!

Quick Responses

We respond to all inquiries within 48 business hours because we know your time is valuable.

Customer Service

We confirm all assignments with the names of the interpreters who have been assigned.


All of our interpreters uphold the Code of Professional Conduct, ensuring respect and effective communication.

Commitment to Quality

 We have the most experienced and qualified interpreters in the state and are the most respected name in the field. 


Our interpreters are either certified or actively on the path to certification.

Fill Rate

We are able to fill more last minute appointments (<48 hours notice) than any other interpreting agency in Central Ohio.

Hallenross is Hiring!

Please check our Careers page for information on available full-time staff positions!

Our Services

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Ben is in a suit and tie, standing in front of a backlit wall signing.


We provide interpreting services to federal, state, and local government entities, corporate and private business, school districts, and more.

A video conference with a diverse group of individuals. Centered is a smiling, Black man. Blue accent shape in the lower left corner.


We offer video interpreting services through the platform of your choice.

Linda is standing in front of a projector screen presenting.


We offer a variety of seminar and training opportunities to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Light-skinned, Black woman with black-framed glasses and dyed blonde hair gesturing towards a laptop.


We offer both community and corporate ASL classes, taught by Deaf users of ASL.

A Mac, phone, sticky notes and pens are strewn on a table.


We are an approved RID Sponsor and will process your PINRA or independent study opportunity.

Jay Krieger, CDI, and Michelle Doyle, SC:L standing in front of a bald man with a white beard wearing judges robes


We provide professional consultation services to businesses on topics including: competencies and qualifications of staff interpreters, and various aspects of Deaf culture.